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Prepare to Sell

You can do a lot to increase the appeal of your property and to create a lasting impact on potential buyers.

What To Do To Prepare:
1. Curb Appeal.
Keeping your landscape pristine, and adding creative touches to your yard, such as colorful annuals, will create an immediate impact on passers-by and potential buyers.

2. Property Repairs.
Simple upgrades such as window repairs, polishing the doorknobs, and a fresh coat of paint in the most frequently used rooms will instantly brighten up the property.

3. Cleanliness and Staging.
Keep your property uncluttered, sweet-smelling and well-lit from top-to-bottom. Pay attention to details: put away the kitty litter, place a vase of fresh flowers near the entryway, pop a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven, have your carpets cleaned. I will assist you by walking through your property with you before it is listed for sale to help you improve your staging

4. Disclosures and Inspections.
I have the expertise to help you develop a thorough disclosure statement that is beneficial to both you and the buyer. I can also suggest home improvements, such as termite and pest inspections, that should be done before placing your property on the market.

5. Showtime.
I will present your property to potential buyers. You do not have to be present. Buyers feel more comfortable discussing the property with me, your agent. Plus, I know what information is most useful in representing your interests to prospective buyers.